Haulage Services

With over 20 transport vehicles listed on our platform , We offer capacity when you need it the most, to transport huge packages to various destinations

Collection Points

We offer collection points located around Nairobi. We offer capacity to store small and medium packages

Logistic Management

We offer logistics management services that allows you to gain control and track your productivity, We are able to handle this on your behalf

Road Freight

We offer a streamlined inland freight transport service, with guaranteed security and punctual delivery. Thanks to our solutions, you can send goods all over Kenya at a very reasonable cost

Platinum Courier Services Ltd extends also the following.

Bulky Moves

We offer transport specialising in ferro alloys, tyres and bulk goods. This option combines at least two different kinds of transport.

Corporate Relocation

We incorporate all of the components of an employee’s relocation, company relocation or comapany setiing up new premise. We have you covered


To make sure that your cargo gets to its destination in the same condition we received it, so we offer professional packaging services..

You can also find our Schedule An Appointment to contact get